future live

Future Live is a movement-wide, interactive media platform – created for and curated by youth – that hosts online events that inform and inspire participants, primarily Generation Z, to take action towards mobilizing a historic voter turnout in November and beyond.

Future Live programming will cover the issues we care most about – racial justice, climate justice, gun violence prevention, gender equity, indigenous rights, and education – in partnership with our  extensive network of national and grassroot partners and through the coalitions we lead and participate in, we are deeply embedded in the movement for a more just and equitable country.

Change requires reaching and engaging people, particularly those who often don’t see themselves represented in content and who often are not talked traditionally to through media. Young people want to see themselves represented in the content and want ways to participate in the conversations at hand. The media often shapes public perception, and its power will be on full display as it shapes the narrative around civic engagement. Our goal is to use Future Live to hold the youth-led, intersectional, and intergenerational dialogues that will continue to push movements forward.