Future Coalition is home to over 60 youth-led member organizations across climate, gun violence prevention, gender equality, STEM, and more. Future Coalition offers members direct support and resources, including amplification, strategic consulting, and organizing support.

50 Miles More is taking the fight for gun reform to politicians in all 50 states by marching 50 miles to their offices and hometowns. It is our time as the next generation to recognize and seize our power, join our voices together, and demand real and visible change.

Global Minds Initiative is a for-youth, by-youth organization created to combat the issues of cultural intolerance and discrimination through after school tutoring programs between English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) and Native English Speaking (NES) students.

iMatter campaigns are designed for and from the perspectives of pre-college youth leaders, to address both the madness and magnitude of the climate emergency. iMatter demands that our US and Canadian elected officials at every level possible commit to bold and visionary climate action.

Founded by the survivors of the February 14th, 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, March for Our Lives works around the country to promote comprehensive solutions to gun violence.

Meddling Kids Movement is a youth-led media organization highlighting young people who are changing the world, with a focus on amplifying activists ages 8-19 who are getting loud about social issues, including gun control or gender equality.

The National Youth Rights Association was formed in 1998 by a group of youth who wanted to challenge the age discrimination and prejudice they were experiencing. NYRA is the nation’s largest organization fighting for the rights of all young people.

Platform strives for a government that serves all people, protects all people, and celebrates all people, and works to amplify the voices of all who identify as young women in order to advance feminist dialogue and policies.

Shatter the Silence’s mission is to advocate for universal background checks and the banning of bump stocks. Through the involvement of youth from early ages, we hope to educate future generations about the problems of the past and how to get past them with the intention of creating a safer future for all Americans.

Student Organ Donation Advocates is a non-profit organization that inspires and supports student-led organ donation education and registration efforts through campus chapters.

Student Voice’s focus is to identify student-centric & student-created solutions to address the systemic inequity in the American education system, which manifests itself as a disparity in access to opportunities & resources across schools nationwide, specifically as it relates to socioeconomically disadvantaged students & school districts.

The Sunrise Movement is building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and well-being of all people.

Students for Social Change is a student-run and non-partisan organization of motivated youth activists who want to make the world more just and equal. As your future voters and lawmakers, Students for Social Change is committed to using our voices to create positive social change.

AGORA Media is a youth-led, international media startup that explores global issues and cultural trends through a uniquely interdisciplinary means.

Team ENOUGH is a youth-led initiative that educates and mobilizes young people in the fight to end gun violence, and is sponsored by Brady. As young people who have grown up in an era in which school shootings and lockdown drills are a new norm, Team ENOUGH is committed to bringing common-sense and safety to America’s gun policy.

Gen Rise Media is a media outlet for young creatives wanting to use podcasts, art, and journalism as a mode of social justice advocacy.

Founded by a group of civically in engaged high school students in 2018, State of the Students is a youth-led organization that is dedicated to enhancing youth understanding of government.

OhloneHacks will invite 150 of the most ambitious students from around the Bay Area for a 12-hour-long hackathon on April 4, 2020, at Ohlone College’s Newark Campus. Attendees will build and solve some of the most important problems impacting social good, education, and machine learning.

The goal of Not My Generation is to host a coalition-based gun violence prevention strategy conference for young adults showing that an assault against one marginalized community is an assault against us all, therefore furthering an intersectional approach to crafting local gun violence prevention strategies.

Project Exchange creates a platform to empower high school and college students to unapologetically claim, embrace, and share their culture. Taking that one step further, they create opportunities for students to be bold enough to learn about, live, and experience other cultures.

The Ocean Project advances action for conservation in collaboration with aquariums, zoos, museums, youth, and other partners in a growing global network.

Spark of Life Collective fights to give a platform to the voices that matter in all realms of the climate and social justice movement.

Energy Shift is a web based platform that enables anyone to invest into renewable energy, without huge barriers. In that way, you can make money while doing good for the environment.

HAX is a global nonprofit dedicated to making computer science education accessible, one hackathon at a time.

Teens Speak Up is an outlet for teens worldwide to engage in dialogue about social justice issues they are passionate about. Teens Speak Up’s number one priority is to elevate the voices of teens worldwide on a multitude of issues our generation faces today.

The PFA Institute provides resources and opportunities to young changemakers with the purpose of increasing civic engagement and creating accessibility.

GEN-Up is a student-led social justice organization and student-activist coalition that strives to advocate for education through the power of youth voices.

Zero Hour is a youth-led movement creating entry points, training, and resources for new young activists and organizers wanting to take concrete action around climate change. Zero Hour’s mission is to center the voices of diverse youth in the conversation around climate and environmental justice.

Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) is an entirely youth-run 501(c)(4) nonprofit building a coalition of the working class to fight for climate justice.

Extinction Rebellion is a global environmental movement with the stated aim of using nonviolent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse.

Triangle People Power (TPP) is a mostly autonomous, youth-run, North Carolina based branch of the ACLU’s People Power.

The Prichard Committee Student Voice Team consists of approximately 100 self-selected students, elementary school through college, from across the Commonwealth who work to integrate students as partners to improve Kentucky schools.

Created by a kid for other kids, the Wuf Shanti Children’s Wellness Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, started with a little boy’s illustrations and his dream to make a difference in the world. His compassion inspired us to want to share his dog character, Wuf Shanti, with children across the planet in the hopes of guiding them down a path of peace & positivity.

Divest Ed is a training and strategy hub working to resource, vitalize, and broaden the fossil fuel divestment movement one campus campaign at a time.

International Indigenous Youth Council is an organization that seeks to organize youth through education, spiritual practices, and civic engagement to create positive change in our communities.

New York Youth Climate Leaders is a policy-driven coalition of youth organizations from across New York State dedicated to combating the global climate crisis.

Women Inspiring Social Harmony, or WISH, is an organization that focuses on empowering and uplifting women.

Purple America is a national, student-led nonprofit that connects high school students from across the country to have meaningful political conversations. The goal is to get students engaging with others across the political party divide and outside of their communities with an emphasis on understanding new perspectives.

OneUpAction’s mission to support marginalized youth in combating the climate crisis by providing them with the resources necessary to make their scientific climate solutions a reality, and inspire them to take direct action in their communities.

Environmentors is a youth-led organization dedicated to addressing urgent environmental challenges that threaten the future livability of our planet. As mentors, Environmentors is inspiring change through education, legislation, and empowerment.

Student Art Spaces is a youth-driven platform aiming to amplify the voices of young artists in professional spaces through gallery events and education, with a mission to break down financial, racial, and gender barriers for under-served artist communities.

Access the Polls is a voting accessibility initiative focused on educating the public on ways voting is made inaccessible to disabled and working class communities, and is focused on building networks of community support to increase access to the polls.

Plannr Consulting is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on increasing awareness of mental health issues, offering free student-to-student consultations in an aim to reduce stress for students, and creating a community so that students can have a platform to talk to other students.

DREAM EQUAL is a revolutionary organization tackling gender inequality in ways no one has ever done before. DREAM EQUAL is inclusive, addressing the effects of gender stereotypes and myths before on all genders, not just cisgender girls and is proactive, combating these stereotypes early and before they are ingrained in children’s minds. DREAM EQUAL works with everyone, from youth to adults, in after school programs, chapters, and bootcamps to build supportive and gender-sensitive environments to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

DFW Champion Youth is a weekly program for entering high schoolers all the way to rising high school seniors. During the academic year we focus on preparing students for academic excellence through SAT Prep, Academic Tutorials, AP and other Standardized Testing Prep and overviews. Alongside our commitment to academics, we strive to expose our Youth to the positives and responsibility of serving others and their community.

Nebulous Healing is an intentional peer support mission in the city of Philadelphia focused on helping people from all walks of life achieve and maintain their ideal wellness.

Students2Learn is founded upon the belief that children and teenagers should be able to learn about many fields that they are not familiar with. Students2Learn members are passionate about specific fields and want to be introduced to these subjects.

Fashion Lead The Way works on providing fashionable clothes for economically disadvantaged and homeless youth. Fashion Lead The Way creates fashionable clothes by recycling old clothes and altering them so that those who received them would feel more confident and learn to express who they are through fashion!

Blue Bulletin is a student-run website striving to raise climate change awareness, with users able to sign up for a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter from the Guardian, NASA or The Daily Climate.

Our Climate is a youth-led organization that empowers young people to advocate for science-based and equitable climate solutions that build a livable world. Specifically, Our Climate provides young leaders with the education, tools, and experience to advocate for concrete policy solutions on the state level to mitigate the climate crisis and protect our shared future through our student Fellowship program.

The Unitarian Universalist Young Adults for Climate Justice Network trains and supports Unitarian Universalist young adults (ages 18-35) across North America to build climate justice, rooted in our faith. Through solidarity and spiritual grounding, we strive to support each other in resilience and direct action.

The Colorization Collective is a teen-run organization that aims to promote diversity in the arts. The Colorization Collective strives to support teens of color in the art world by providing them with role models, resources, and a community.

The Helyx Initiative seeks to unite biology and CS education through hands-on learning. The Helyx Initiative runs an online research program, hold fundraisers for medical supplies, maintain an active science blog, holds active seminars, and more.

Simply Neuroscience is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering students’ interdisciplinary interests in the brain, specifically through neuroscience and psychology education, outreach, and awareness. Simply Neuroscience is pursuing the brain and unlocking the future, one neuron at a time.

aPaw Project is a youth run organization that promotes animal welfare through artistic manners. Through media marketing, aPaw Project has adopted out over 100 shelter pets and hope to save more at risk animals.

Take Action Inc. is a youth-led nonprofit organization, aims to empower and inspire the youth to raise their voice and take action effectively for a cause that is meaningful to them. Take Action Inc. informs young people on various real-world issues, such as child servitude, climate change, and gender inequality, and some ways to address them in addition to assisting them with starting their own movement.

Pride in Running is a youth-based organization seeking to help LGBTQ+ youth-run for office, lobby, and gain political skills to change the future. Pride in Running seek to empower our community and work together to make a more representative government.

Celebrating Differences is an organization that organizes and hosts carnivals around the nation free of charge for families and individuals with special needs. The organization was founded in 2019 with the intention of creating safe spaces for special needs families and individuals. In the past year, Celebrating Differences has served over 500 families.

Girl Genius Magazine is an online, student-run magazine that features women in STEAM and showcases their projects, studies, and works. Since 2018, our initiative has impacted over 150+ female change-makers from 40 different countries and seeks to ensure females (non-binary and trans inclusive) and people of color are given a voice through our three mediums: magazine issues, blog posts, and YouTube videos.

GEN-ZiNE is a publication dedicated to addressing contemporary issues through the eyes of Generation Z. GEN-ZiNE provides a space for members of Generation Z to share their concerns and opinions on issues that ignite them, and is a place to educate and inspire action.

High School Democrats of America is a national organization that operates on the local, state, and national levels to engage interested students with Democratic politics. Recognized as the largest and most credible Democratic high school group in the country, HSDA dedicates its time to three primary sectors of engagement: informing, participating, and organizing with members engaging by organizing and speaking at marches, working on campaigns at all levels, advocating for legislation, etc.

Earth Guardians is an organization that empowers young environmental and social leaders through education, tools, and resources, in order to become effective leaders in their communities.

The Greater Good Initiative is a youth-led policy think-tank with a mission to create sustainable, effective, and non-partisan policy solutions to the nation’s most pressing issues. From writing practical policy proposals to advocating them to local, state, and federal government officials, GGI is pushing for youth mobilization, voice, and engagement in the policymaking process.

The Magic City Youth Initiative is a grassroots, youth-led effort that has emerged as a reaction to the lack of youth representation and advocacy in local leadership and a need for more attention to be given to complex problems that young people are facing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Generation Ratify is the youth-led movement to get the ERA ratified into the United States constitution, placing emphasis on inclusion and intersectionality within the ERA movement and fighting on behalf of equality for all genders.

International Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC) is an international network of 30 countries that provides resources and organizational power to help students anywhere in the world engage in the grassroots movement of climate justice.

Ohio Students for Gun Legislation is a student-run, non-partisan group of like-minded individuals, who are searching for common sense gun laws through education, awareness and organization.

DC Teens Action is a completely student-led group that aims to unify students from all over the DC area for social action and civic engagement projects across a broad range of causes and experiences.

Inclusivity Hong Kong is a student-run organization dedicated to organizing for inclusion, justice and equity in Hong Kong and its educational environments.

Box The Ballot is a bipartisan initiative to make sure YOUR voice gets heard even if you can’t vote in person.