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Katie Eder, Executive Director (she/her)

Katie Eder is the Executive Director of Future Coalition. She oversees the day to day operations of the coalition and helps to craft the long term vision and strategy for the organization. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Katie is currently taking two years off between high school and college to work full time on Future Coalition. She’ll be starting at Stanford University in the fall of 2020. Katie started organizing in the 4th grade when she convinced her class to stage a sit-in in gym to address gender discrimination. Katie then went on to found Kids Tales, an organization dedicated to empowering young people to find their voice through creative writing, which she worked on throughout middle school and high school. Katie is also a co-founder of 50 Miles More, an organization started in 2018 to address the gun violence epidemic in the US. Katie is an amateur yo-yoer, and wants to be a piano player.

Katie Eder
Executive Director

Manuel Rodríguez, Community Manager (he/him)
Manuel Angulo Rodríguez is the Gun Violence Prevention Network Coordinator for Future Coalition. He has been tasked and is in the process of creating a coalition of GVP youth-led organizations for the purpose of achieving the most in this movement. He has been involved with the Arizona charter of March For Our Lives since its beginnings, where he is still an organizer, spokesperson and translator of the organization’s documents into Spanish. Manuel is a first-year student at Arizona State University, where he is pursuing two degrees, a minor and a certificate, all in subjects he is most passionate about, and that he believes will enable him to enact the change he wants to see in his community. 
A refugee from Venezuela coming into the United States in 2017, Manuel is a proud hard working immigrant. In two years of an American high school, he achieved as much as possible academically, at the same time that he was an active leader in his school’s volunteer groups, such as the Key Club and National Honors Society. He earned a multitude of scholarships that allowed him to attend the honors college at his University, where he is the president of the March For Our Lives club. Manuel is also the co-founder of a rising non-profit organization called HablAmérica, which dedicates itself to creating spaces where Spanish speakers can engaged in political dialogue in Spanish, to be able to communicate these important conversation back to their communities and to maintain an attachment to the language and culture that is core to their identity.
Manuel loves to collect pretty rocks from different parts of the country and the world, and he will most likely give you one as a token of friendship.

Manuel Angulo
Community Manager

Ethan Asher, Community Manager (he/him)

Ethan Asher is a Community Manager at Future Coalition. Specializing in outreach, Ethan works to grow and strengthen the coalition, working with fellow community manager Alicia to ensure the coalition thrives.

Ethan is a high school senior in Roswell, Georgia. His background is in gun violence prevention organizing, having worked with multiple gun safety organizations in the past few years.

Like most high school students, Ethan’s day usually consists of school, homework, and work, as well as things like listening to music and hanging out with my friends. When he’s not doing those things, you could find him trying a new restaurant, running, hanging with his dog, volunteering, and tending to his garden. He loves country music, and one of his favorite things is to drive while listening to his favorite music.

Ethan is obsessed with coffee — he can’t imagine a morning without it — and is a huge college football fan (roll tide). He’s also written extensive research on the remote Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan and Dagestan, and would love to talk to you about it.

Ethan Asher
Director of Engagement

Dillon Bernard, Director of Communications (he/him)

Dillon Bernard is the Director of Communications at Future Coalition. Dillon oversees the brand strategy and editorial vision of the coalition, with the goal of using storytelling to amplify impact. Dillon also works with partner organizations to create and amplify content representing the values of Future Coalition.

Dillon is a multimedia producer, digital strategist, and student at The New School. Dillon is passionate about combining impact-driven digital strategy with community development, social justice, and youth activism. Dillon is also the Youth Engagement Strategist at SparkAction, the youth advocacy platform of The Forum for Youth Investment.

Dillon is a longtime fan of Skittles and has a music playlist for every mood and season.

Dillon Bernard
Director of Communications

Simone Johnson, Project Manager, Climate Strikes (she/her)

At her core, Simone is a community organizer and youth mobilizer. She is the Treasurer & Director of Finance for the International Indigenous Youth Council (IIYC), a social justice non-profit that serves Indigenous and POC youth in their journeys as young leaders. Simone is also the Project Manager for the climate strikes; organized by the Climate Strike Coalition, which is shuttling society into a new era of climate action.

Simone’s experience spans a wide range of skills and she excels at bringing together diverse teams to work on big-picture initiatives for social impact and technical projects. She has spent the majority of her career in marketing, implementing complex marketing campaigns amongst teams of marketers, event managers and technical writers. In addition to marketing, Simone has implemented cross-functional account-based management and product development initiatives for startups, Fortune 500 organizations and non-profits in software consulting, telecommunications and climate justice.

When she isn’t organizing, you can catch Simone kickboxing, HIIT training or skateboarding. 

Simone Johnson
Project Manager, Climate Strikes

Thomas Lopez, Partnerships Coordinator (they/them)
Born and raised in Denver, CO, Thomas is Otomi, Diné, Apache and Sicangu Lakota. Thomas is one of the founding members of the International Indigenous Youth Council and continues to sit on the Council’s BoD. Thomas is a proud Two Spirit person and continues to advocate and defend the Two Spirit community.

Thomas Lopez
Partnerships Coordinator, Climate Strikes

Alicia Novoa, Director of Engagement (she/her)

Alicia Novoa is a student-activist, dedicated to building a more just and sustainable society. She is Director of Engagement at Future Coalition, establishing the Gender Equity Coalition and Future Fellows program, among other initiatives.

Her hometown is Orlando, FL and she graduated from high school with an International Baccalaureate diploma. Before coming to Future Coalition in July 2019, Alicia worked on the re-election campaign of her Congresswoman, Stephanie Murphy, and as an organizer for March for Our Lives Orlando. She started organizing in the 4th grade, when she founded the recycling team at her elementary school, upon learning that her favorite animal, the polar bear, was endangered. Alicia is an incoming sophomore at Georgetown University studying Political Economy.

Alicia is Colombian-American, enjoys hikes, and has a Yorkie named Sparky.

Alicia Novoa
Director of Engagement

Emanuelle Sippy, Community Manager (she/her)

Bio coming soon

Emanuelle Sippy
Community Manager

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Eddie & Llama