what we do

Built by youth activists, for youth activists, Future Coalition is a national network that fosters community and collaboration among youth leaders and youth-led organizations.

Young people have the ideas and passion to make incredible change in their local communities, in the country, and in the world.

Future Coalition provides these young people with the tools, resources, and support to power their ideas and amplify their impact.

The programming is split into three pillars all which work together to build up the capacity in the youth space and grow the impact of youth organizers across the country.


By building community on and offline for the thousands of young people working to make change all across the country, Future Coalition helps foster relationships, promote collaboration, and provide a space for all young people to feel accepted and encouraged.


It is often difficult for young people to find people and organizations that support youth-led work. Future Coalition is committed to investing in the great work of young people through both our Future Accelerator and Future Foundation, which is providing organizers in-kind support and grants to grow their impact.


Because young people, by definition, have not been organizing for a very long, we sometimes lack hard skills developed through years of experiencing. We are focused on closing that gap through trainings, toolkits, and direct mentorship.